Creative Brilliance

The MGM National Harbor Heritage Collection will feature pieces from more than a dozen artists working with a variety of mediums including aluminum, clay, stainless steel, bronze, watercolors, photography and more. Objects will range from large-scale sculptures and paintings to photography and LED light boxes, creating a rich visual experience.

Hours of Operation

Mon Open 24 Hours

Temporarily Closed

Re-define perception and discover our collection of high-quality art seamlessly integrated into the resort’s public spaces. Inspired by the rich heritage of the Capital Region, the MGM National Harbor Heritage Collection will showcase commissioned and procured works by visionary local and international sculptors, photographers and mixed-media artists, including Margaret Boozer, Alice Aycock, Sam Gilliam, John Dreyfuss, John Safer, Liao Yibai and Chul Hyun Ahn, among others.

Encounter a sensory experience unlike any other. From the three, 60-foot-tall stainless steel figures of the Unity sculpture at the hotel’s porte cochere, to the whimsical seven-foot-tall Cinderella Shoe in The District, immerse yourself in a storyline unique to the property. Every aspect of the art - from the piece to the location to the orientation - has been carefully selected and strategically designed to complement the space.